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“Together we reach the goal"



Industrial Engineer

Company Mission

Together We Reach The Goal

UCE's mission, deliver high-quality consultancy services to clients in charge of delivering ICT (Information, Communication, and Technology) systems, Electrical distribution systems, and lighting systems across the United Kingdom.

​In close partnership with their clients, UCE provides tailor-made solutions using the UCE team's creativity and innovation, complemented by extensive expertise and professionalism.

About Us

Quality Service and Good Relationship

Unicorn Consulting Engineers (UCE) Ltd company provides consulting, controlling, and monitoring services in projects involving the installation of Electrical & ICT (Information, Communication, and Technology) Systems. The Services that Unicorn Consulting Engineers Ltd company provides can broadly be categorized as the bullet points listed below.

  • Ensuring projects are in line with local and international standards

  • Conducting cost to complete analysis

  • Checking installed services against BOQ quantities and prices

  • Performing material selection and comparison from various suppliers

  • Comparing planned manhours to actual manhours

  • Issuing material submittals to clients and assisting in the material approval process

  • Monitoring material deliveries

  • Ensuring installation is as per project specifications; controlling project progress and preparing regular monthly reports to client


Unicorn Consulting Engineers (UCE) Ltd company was founded over good experience which for over +20 years included Electrical and ICT (Information, Communication, and Technologies) systems of some international projects.

Our approach on the principle of finding a better way, and push the boundaries of innovation to be better, faster, and more sustainably and to health and safety, quality service, and good relationship client are the foundations on which everything rests. Our approach is and to go above beyond to meet our clients’ needs and challenges.

Unicorn Consulting Engineers (UCE) Ltd is full of energy and determination to succeed as an engineering professional and is follow up to date with the latest trends.


On-time delivery is crucial to our business integrity. We continuously monitor our project through PMI methodology. 

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At UCE, quality is at the heart of everything that we do! Our engineers are proud to be accredited by professional institutions, such as the Institute of Engineering and Technology..

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Communication is critical to our business model, and, as one of our clients, we will ensure you are never left in the dark.

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Renevotion works 
Houses and Flats

Commercial Buildings

Sport Facilities

Healthy Facilities

Hospitality Buildings


Contact Me

S&F Myworkspot Clyde House, Reform Road,

Maidenhead, Berkshire - UK, SL6 8BY  |  Tel: 44 7542791665

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